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C U in PRAGUE 07


this is so exciting!
check this out and lets form a commitee to raise money and organise a trip to PRAGUE in june 2007.
lets explore it together!
you can add our "comments"  below so we can use this live journal for this purpuse.
you may want to write your enthousiam on how you think this opportunity would be helpful for your upcoming carreer.
we could use your words  into some documentswhich could help to raise money.

i'm going for sure!
are you?

let s have this live journal to share ideas.


PQ Scenofest 2007

Prague 2007 will see the PQ and Oistat Edcom collaborate to present the Scenofest at the heart of the Industrial Palace, Výstaviště.  

Building on the success of PQ Scenofest 2003, the central hall and additional new spaces will become a venue for student collaboration and activity. Over the 10 days of PQ through workshops, performances, lectures and special exhibitions students from across the globe will experience the unique environment of the Prague Quadrennial. 

At the very centre of the PQ Scenofest, The focus will be dedicated to ongoing activity, experimentation and collaboration.  The emphasis is to create a sharing interactive hub, a factory of ideas. Students, teachers and practitioners from across the design disciplines, will work together to create continually evolving workshops and installations of work from all performance design backgrounds. Workshop spaces, exhibition spaces and performance venues will provide the participants with opportunities to share in cross cultural and disciplinary activities. 

With a shorter PQ lasting only 10 days it is hoped that many students may be able to stay for the whole of the PQ and be able to remain actively involved throughout. 

  • The PQ Scenofest Theatre will host up to 27 design led performances.
  • An additional theatre space near the main PQ will provide a controlled lighting and sound workshop base, and allow for master classes in sound and lighting in a controlled environment and evening presentations of student workshops.
  • A student café will provide an informal meeting place an information centre and computer drop in facility
  • The PQ Scenofest will share and collaborate in creating a series of Design Excellence lectures in a purpose built lecture theatre based within the National Exhibition, which will occupy both the left and right halls.
  • The PQ Scenofest also hopes to create site-specific activities that spread out into the centre of Prague itself.



Central Hall

The Birds



Sound design

Lighting Design


Technical Theatre

Video and Projection

Theatre Performances

Design Excellence lectures and workshops

Other Activities

The Scenofest Team


Practical information


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a wanted to send these informations too quickly and i realized that i
did lots of english spelling mistakes!
The information about all of the different sections of the Prague Exhibit are amazing. Some say you need to apply to be part of a workshop. How can I apply?! I would love to be part of a fundraising/organizing committee. I've applied for an exchange so I might (keeping my fingers crossed) be in England but I think there are cheap flights to Prague from there and I can help in the meantime.
I think it would be fun to use our artistic/designer skills to promote ourselves.
Crazy ideas like: avant-garde hair dos come to mind as a possible fundraiser....
Or performanc busking like the living statues kind of idea in character costumes and then people put money in a hat to "awaken" the sculpture. I don't know, just some fun ideas to through around.
A meeting after reading week sounds great. Send an email about the time and place and I'm there!
id certainly like to go. Making some artistic pieces not just inside but outside in the city must be an incredible experience. Travelling and seeing other cultures and cities is certainly a plus when studying to be a designer.
thank you for being there but i would like you to tell me your name and also what is the link that doesn't do it for you?
also, the links dont work, for me anyways.
This is Vivianne Toppings.

The links below the Prague thing do not work. Like Birds, costume, etc. I get an error message page.
This is Amy K. I'm in on the fundraising committee . let's have a meeting about this asap. how about the week we get back from the winter break? GOOOOO Prague!
yes yes yes.

to meetings and goings and funds being raised!!!