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my name is raymond marius boucher and i'd like to welcome you to this wanta be life journal for concordia university theatre students which is being design to have information on theatrical events and opportunities to participate.
by reading the following, you'll find out by the content what is it we're trying to pursue.
thanks for your appreciation!

so, i have some informations for you.

i would like to inform you that i've just sent an email to pursue the groupticketcentre idea. i'm asking the department a work study position to help me working on it. we'll see.
you can read about it and visit it
if you show your support by writing back with enthousiasm to this project, this might help us getting it working.


le malade imaginaire de molière directed by carl béchard at TNM (84, rue ste-catherine ouest 866-8668 if you want to try for another night). there is some tickets avalaible but only a few. i reserved 10 tickets for saturday february 18th at 20h00.
price; $16.25.
there are 4 tickets left for the moment. please reserve with me now!

FREE dress rehearsal monday february 6th at 20h00 please reserve with me now!
reste avec moi ce soir by flavio de souza directed by award winner jean-frédéric messier with famous sylvie drapeau and jean-françois cazabon at Théâtre du Rideau Vert, 4664 rue st-denis.

Tout comme elle by louise dupré dirested by award winner brigitte haentjens with 50 women on stage at Usine C, 1345, rue Lalonde.
there are stille tickets every nights from Feb 7th to Feb 11th. the group can go also as individual on these nights.
price; $25.00

Please reply quickly!


theatre and film artist talking about their work for concordia theatre students and +
Pamela Grimaud (costume historian)

Feb 14 (costume and interiors history) and

Feb 28 (elisabethan costume history)

Axel Morgenthaler (lighting designer)

March 7

Mary Lynn Deachman (art director)

March 21

All presentations will be in the FC Smith at 6pm to 8pm.

this is a great opportunity!

Grab it!!!

(Thanks to Maggie Ewing for getting it together)

-this is the lettre i've sent to the chair and other faculty member in the department followed by the CAST LETTRE.


i would like you inform you on the "wanta be" group ticket center.
it is now a live journal setted by jasa baka, sarah tracy and i and could be accessible to all students in the department.

because this may be a lot of work, i was wondering if it might be possible to have some support from the department through a work study position. it would be needed for the rest of this semester and would have to be assured for next year so we can undate it and check if it is a used tool for students. i'm thinking that 4 hours per week would be enough.

montreal has a facinating active theatre community and it would be important to get our students to access as many theatre events as possible for the lower prices in town.

the live journal would post all field trips to dress rehearsals, the prices reductions for theatre students in town, cast lettres, special events like a series of lectures and meeting with different active members of "le beau milieu". the groupticketcenter would also take reservations at theatre student group rates.

i'd like to talk about it and maybe include this idea on the agenda at the faculty meeting on monday 6th.

thanks for your attention!

Raymond Marius Boucher
Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre
Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke St. West, TJ 209
Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6
Tel. (514) 848-2424 ext. 4757
Fax: (514) 848-4525

CAST Newsletter 1.7

1) Valentine Candy Grams!

2) Upcoming/Playing Theatre shows!!

3) Concordia's "Criminal in Love"!!!

4) CAST Meetings!!!!

5) CAST Executive!!!!!

1) Valentine Candy Grams!!

-Valentine's Day is just around the corner and CAST has devised a way to tell your friends and sweethearts just how much you love them. All this upcoming week (Feb. 6 th-Feb13th) CAST will be set up just outside the lounge selling candy grams. For 1$ you will receive a cute heart to write a message on with some chocolate to accompany it while having it delivered to that special someone on v-day, OR for 1.50$ spice it up with the heart, chocolate and a condom for a sweet and safe night of lovin'. What a great way to have fun, send your friends some chocolate and support CAST, who are only here to support you!

-While you are buying your candy gram, pick up a cookie or two at the bake sale which will be going on at the same time OR buy a second hand theatre book from a selection in our library that will save you a lot of money from the bookstore!

2) Upcoming/Playing Theatre shows!!

-Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque

By: Patrick Goddard and Jeremy Hechtman

Directed by: Jeremy Hechtman

Music by: Nick Carpenter

Playing: Jan. 25th-Feb 12th, 2006-02-02

At: Mainline Theatre

Wed-Sun at 8 pm

Box Office: 514-849-3378

-Baby Making

By: Jeanie Keogh

Directed by: Sid Zanforlin

Playing: Jan. 25th-Feb 5th, 2006

At: Geordie Space

Wed-Sat at 8pm, Sun at 2pm

Box Office: 514-921-2604

3) Concordia's "Criminals in Love"

Concordia University Theatre Department PRESENTS:

George F. Walker's

"Criminals in Love"

Directed by DEAN FLEMING

Concordia University begins its spring season with Criminals in Love, directed by the new Artistic Director for Geordie Productions, and co-founder of ASM Productions, Dean Patrick Fleming.

Criminals in Love is set in a gritty east sub-division neighborhood of Toronto. Junior faces the uncertainties of his future, as a young man whose family members are involved in crime. His girlfriend, Gail, attempts to encourage Junior to seek a life beyond his dysfunctional family. However, as Junior strives to unlock his fate, his father forces him into a new dubious project. With his girlfriend and another friend as accomplices, Junior faces an internal struggle and the plot leads us to an unexpected twist of fate.

Criminals in Love is George F Walker's first play in the East End Chronicles series, which was awarded the Governor General's Award and the Chalmers Award. The East End Plays explore characters in an environment that define urban lifestyle and attitudes.

To arrange interviews with company members, please contact: Julie Nadeau, Assistant Director


Cazalet Theatre

7141 Sherbrooke Street West (underneath the Loyola Chapel)

February 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 2006 @ 8:00 p.m.

Matinée: February 12 & 18, 2006 @ 2:00 p.m.

BOX OFFICE 848-2424, ext. 4742 Gen. Admission $10, Students $5

4) CAST Meetings

-Just a reminder that CAST meetings are open for anyone that would like to discuss something or bring to the table. Hope to see you there!!

5) Executive + Mission

Acting Chair + VP Finance - Mat Perron ( )
VP Events - Lisa de Grandpré ( ), Maria-Teresa Capelle-Burny (, Pam Snell ( ).
VP Design - Cara de Grandpré ( )
VP Communications - Caitlyn Milot ( )

Activities Committee - Jimmy Blais ( ).
Theatre Performance Representative : Aidan Black Allan (

As part of the Concordia Association of Students in the Theatre - our mandate is clear - to support, maintain, and facilitate the development of initiatives undertaken by theatre students, alumnus, and faculty that provide unique opportunities to students currently enrolled in the five theatre programs offered at Concordia University.

As a club under FASA (Fine Arts Students A lliance, , we are allocated a club budget of 1,200$ a year - which we intend to spend every penny of. In the 2005-2006 school year, we are accepting project proposals from students wishing to do undertake various endeavours, which thanks to the FASA budget, as well as our own fundraising efforts, we hope to be able to partially fund. Furthermore, as a facilitating organization - we are here to help theatre students discover the various organizations they can approach in hopes of receiving funding. Our meetings for the winter semester are Wednesday at 4:05 in the CAST lounge (TJ 106) - everybody is welcome to attend our meetings- and if you would like to add something to the agenda, please send an announcement to the chair before the preceding Sunday at 8 PM.

In addition, as our listserve continues to grow, we are pleased to accept various short blurbs from theatre practitioners who are either seeking to promote an upcoming event or wish to have a call for designers/actors/directors/playwrights/stage managers/dramaturges. If you have something you wish CAST to send out in their newsletter, please send a short blurb to cast .
Caitlyn Milot
VP Communications
CAST Newsletter 1.7
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