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Hello everyone,
We are setting up a full-day lighting workshop for Saturday the 18th of March.
The idea is to create a link between what is taught in class and what is
necessary for production realization. An invited guest will be heading the workshop,
accompanied by Eric and myself.
Please reply asap to let me know if this is something of interest and if you are available on that date.
Note: I HIGHLY recommend this to all production students...
We will wait for a positive response from a enough people before going ahead with this,
so please let me know by tomorrow. Thanks. amy.

Amy Keith
Concordia University
Theatre Department
(514) 848-4729

(514) 935-6180

<===========CU in PRAGUE 07===========>
i would like to hold the first meeting forthose of you  who would like to be
part of cu in prague 2007,
MONDAY 13, 2006 at 17h15 in tj204. (to include to your agenda asap)
hoping to see you there.
for our eventual entry.  we have until april 15 to submit an application.
we'll go through it during the meeting and will form committees.

<==========NOW AVAILABLE=============>

TICKETS for "WIT"  (in French) for WEDNESDAY march 15, 2006 at 20h00.
tickets $12.00
reply and reserve.  i'll confirm with you via email.

FREE DRESS REHEARSAL for " La robe de mariée de Gisèle Schmidt" (in french)
for MONDAY march 20, 2006 at 20h00.
(I'm designing the exhibition in the hall of Espace Go for this show)
reply and reserve now!
www.theatrepap.com  SAISON EN COURS

<==========SHOULD BE GOING TO============>

BLACKS DON'T BOWL opening march 23, 2006  (sarah hall is designing the
costumes and ana cappelluto designs all sets and lighting assisted by
undergraduate catherine boivin)
www.blacktheatreworkshop.ca (nothing works on it and the information
on the show ids not available for now i guess).

L'HISTOIRE D'UN COEUR opening march 14 at monument national Tickets are
$18.00.  what about FRIDAY march 29, 2006.
reply and reserve.  i'll confirm with you via email.
(chloé beaulé-poitrat is doing an internship as an assistant in scenography
(designing puppets)).
www.theatreincline.ca  (quoi de neuf)

remember last lecture in our great TUESDAY NIGHT SERIES will be on march 21,
2006 at 18h00 with art director Mari Lynn Deachman.
bring your classmates from other programs!!!
(see attachment and send it out!)

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Raymond Marius Boucher
Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre
Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University
Tel. (514) 848-2424 ext. 4757Fax:  (514) 848-4525

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