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we're going, nous y allons!

here's some interesting follow up on a fabulous show that was on at the saidye bronfman center (everybody's welles) and more like
information on    The Thrille Megille!  amy steinman is working on it!!!  one night only!!!
who's going?
--------------------theatre ticket on the go!-------------

there is about 10 of us already going to BLACK DON'T BOWL on friday, march 31 at 8h00 at the MAY (3680 jeanne mance metro place des arts and up the hill or...)
ANA, CATHERINE BOIVIN AND SARAH HALL of course COULD YOU BE THERE? please please please!!!  thanks!!!
you're all welcome to joint us! $12.00 a ticket!

CU in PRAGUE 2007-------------------

by the way, CU in PRAGUE 2007 will be meeting again on monday 27th at 5h15 in tj207!
the minutes from the last and first meeting will be available soon and will be posted here.
i'll see you there and remember that you have to come up with 3 suggestions for fundraising events!
be ready!

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